The main objective of the Erasmus IP proposal IT FOREST (Innovative Training in Forest Biomass for Sustainable Rural Development) has been to familiarize the students with the use of forest biomass in energy production to promote new sustainable economic opportunities in rural areas and to do so from a global point of view.
Students from three universities in three countries (Romania, Hungary and Spain) and different engineering profile (industrial, environmental , agricultural, mechanical, etc)  have worked together in multidisciplinar and international groups to develop a plan of action for using forest biomass as an energy resource for a specific rural area (Vistabella del Maestrazgo, Castellón, Spain).

The main activities have been:

  1. Specific training for students in energy production from forest biomass in rural areas, with seminars and visits to projects on best practices.
  2. Student work in multidisciplinary teams to elaborate the plan of action in Vistabella supervised by experts from different collaborating stakeholders: university, cooperatives, forestry enterprises, local administrations, NGOs, etc