The target group of the project have been engineering students with industrial, environmental and agricultural profile from three universities from three different countries (Hungary, Romania and Spain). The beneficiaries of the project have been students in their first cycle of education (BA).

The specific participant departments from each university and the corresponding degrees from which the IP participant student have been selected are the following:

UJI, Department of Mechanic Engineering and Construction (Spain)

Degree in Agrifood and Rural Engineering

Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering

Degree in Mechanical Engineering

UB, Department of Engineering and Management of Mechanical Systems (Romania)

Degree in Engineering and Environmental Protection in Industry

Degree in Engineering of Sustainable Rural Development

Degree in Economic Engineering in the Field of Mechanics

Degree in Industrial Energetics

KRC, Institute for Tourism, Regional Development and Foreign Languages (Hungary)

Degree in Degree Agricultural Engineer in the field of Rural Development

Each of the 3 universities is specialists in one main topic, complementary for the correct development of the project: energy efficiency (UJI), biomass as renewable energy (UB) and rural development (KRC).