Work Programme

The IP action has taken place in Castellon and Vistabella del Maestrazgo (Spain) in July 2014 and have lasted for 14 days.

The project has been awarded with 6 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and a Moodle platform will has been used as an on-line academic tool for students and tutors before, during and after the IP action.


  • In order to select the participant students from each university, the candidates have been required to present a report with a case study of successful use of forest biomass for energy production in a rural area of his country.
  • Selected engineering students from each institution have worked in groups to perform a deeper study of a real implementation of forest biomass for energy production in a rural location in their country.


  • Presentation of case studies of successful use of forest biomass in a rural areas from each country
  • Specific training for students in the frame of forest biomass energy in rural area
  • Formation of interdisciplinary and international groups students working together to propose a plan of action for using forest biomass as an energy source for Vistabella
  • Supervised work of the interdisciplinary groups from university tutors and experts from IP collaborators
  • Visits to different enterprises, cooperatives and good practices projects
  • Presentation of final plan of action for Vistabella


  • To disseminate promotional IP material (including recorded video) and results (training materials, web, etc)
  • To sign exchange agreements among different universities involved in IP
  • To plan and develop Final Year Projects or Internships for students in IP collaborators